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Please fill out this application as completely as you can, filling in as many fields as possible. We are better able to understand your situation when you give us a lot of information. The decision to rent or lease a lot/home to you will depend on your credit history and references, but we make every effort to work with people who have steady income and good recent rental references. Only clean, responsible people who pay rent on time need apply.

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List all pets. Note: We can not accept dogs over 25 lbs or certain breeds.

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Terms and Authorization

You are required to provide Stonegate Management Group or Sterling Acceptance Corp ("Management") with a State or National criminal report for every occupant 18 years or older prior to signing any papers. This may be obtained from many County sheriffs or police departments for about $15.

Please attach a copy of your driver's license or picture identification card when you turn in your criminal report.

I declare that the application is complete, true and correct and I herewith give my permission for anyone contacted to release the credit or personal information of the undersigned applicant to Stonegate Management Group, Sterling Acceptance Corp or their authorized agents, at any time, for the purposes of entering into and continuing to offer or collect on any agreement. I further authorize Management or their Authorized Agents to obtain and verify the application information including but not limited to obtaining criminal records, obtaining copies of credit reports, contacting credit reporting agencies, contacting creditors, present or former landlords, employers and personal references, whether listed or not, at the time of the application and at any time in the future, with regard to any agreement entered into with Management. Management may, so long as any lease or occupancy agreement remains in effect, conduct periodic credit report checks on the applicants. Any false information will constitute grounds for rejection of this application, or Management may at any time immediately terminate any agreement entered into in reliance upon misinformation given on this application.

I have read and agree to the terms above.